Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lets go back in time to 1942

Take a step back to 1942 when you would be on rations in Australia but needing to knit your bit for the guys on the Kokoda Track or thru the many other conflicts about. I have found one of those books that had the saving patterns and tips of the day and took to knitting the spiral socks from it so far and love the way it goes and the feel to the whole idea of re creating these patterns that were such a staple.
I am alive and have been rather busy with exhibitons and conventons but time to return to normal and being more active again.

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ATP said...

not so much knitting but I know the feeling... my family has my grand fathers hand written recipe book from when he was a cook in the war in Papua New Guinea. Kinda nice doing mashed potoatoes for 100 men lol
boy I'd hate to be peeling!