Monday, March 24, 2008

Jack the Easter Dog




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We were going for purple but got magenta and pink. This is how I did it:

  1. Made a vinegar / water mixture and saturated the white spot on the back of his neck with it. Put a square of plastic wrap over it and put his collar back on to hold it in place. Let sit for about 30 minutes

  2. Using purple wilton’s cake dye (you know, the kind that’s like a paste that comes in a jar?) and a paint brush, I painted it on his spot. Re-covered in plastic wrap as above.

  3. Held a blowdryer on low over the plastic-wrapped spot for about 5 minutes (moving it around and testing with my hand to make sure it wasn’t burning him). Let sit for 20 minutes. Repeat once more.

  4. Bath time! I filled the tub with about 1-2 inches of water and poured 1 cup vinegar over the spot. Wet and washed with dog shampoo in all places BUT the spot. Rinsed well.

Due to not being able to marinate Jack in a crock pot like real yarn, his fur didn’t have enough time/warmth to suck up all of the purple dye, leaving us with a magenta spot instead. Rinsing the spot with vinegar worked to both help set the dye on the spot and added water to the tub Jack was standing in…helping the rinsed-off dye adhere to the white on his chest and paws.

Jack is quite the happy punk rock pooch.


Strumpstickan said...


Colleen said...

Jack is too sweet!

Kelly said...

that is too cute!! I mean punk!!

shrinkyknitter said...

Jack looks fabulous in magenta. Next time go midnight blue!

Carissa said...

Yeah. We were thinking Blue or Green for next time. :-)