Friday, February 08, 2008

that sweater is fab ... and welcome newbies!

Hey there, we must all be busy knitting as it has been pretty quiet lately. Maybe we are all enjoying the strange weather we all seem to be getting ... no matter where we are located it seems to be out of the norm!

I wanted to say hello to all the newbies as i have been lacking in that.

I also need to go hunt down that fabulous skeleton animal sweater! Not a want , but a need! Too cute! (does it say something for our personalities when we find skellies on sweaters "cute" ? Happy Knittin!


Leeanne said...

Kinda switched over to quilting over the xmas period but have recently picked up the needles again to get a head start on jumpers for this coming winter.

Carissa said...

You can check out her knitting stuff on flikr here. It says she made the pattern herself, so you might be able to PM and ask about it.