Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Year, a New KAL

So it seems we've gotten some pretty positive feedback about doing a KAL. Of course it would be optional and all PRK-ers would be free (and encouraged!) to continue posting non-KAL stuff on the blog. The KAL won't take over the blog....just be a fun side thing for those who choose to participate.

So let's open up nominations today and keep them open until January 17th. That gives 2 weeks to nominate and then I'll make a poll thing and we'll vote. We'll give that a week and then to give everyone a week or so to get yarn and supplies, we can start on February 1st. Sound like a plan?

So to nominate, just post a pic and link to the pattern plus any other info you think we'll want (like why you love it, if the pattern costs anything, etc etc). I'm excited to see what you guys come up with. :-)

I'll post my nominations in my next post.

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