Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monster hats

Since there was a few posts regarding the monster hats I thought I'd share the pattern. Its a very rough pattern as I just threw it together but its easy and fun. You could actually make it a couple other ways if you wanted to but thats besides the point. The yarn that blue hat was made of is Yarn Bee- Frosting (104 yards/ 114 meters)it was $1 a skein at Hobby Lobby on sale. The magenta and light mauve were Jaeger Fur. Which was super expensive even on sale for the amount you get (it was 20m or 22 yards per skein for 4.50 a ball on sale originally 10.50). I didn't have much selection though being on vacation and wanted to get these out of the way so I could mail them. The blue yarn was much more affordable and I actually made two hats out of one skein (the monster hat and a rasta hat for my friend Bethany). You can use what ever you might desire though.


Colleen said...

Those hats are super-cute. I have to make a couple for my friend's little boy and girl!

roxtarchic said...

those are RIDICULOUSLY CUTE and you've just inspired me to pick up my needles and knit something (it's been awhile) ;)