Saturday, November 17, 2007

How can you dress up your water bottle?

With this: a water bottle carrier that looks like a bear! So cute!

bear bottle

The pattern is from Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful called On-the-go water bottle carrier. When I saw those googley eyes I couldn't resist. It was crocheted with 1 skein of Sugar N Cream and some white yarn from my stash on a size G hook. It was pretty easy and quick. It still needs buttons on back to enclose the bottle in, but its complete enough to show off. I should have bought eyes and a nose thats a bit bigger but I didn't realize that until I got everything home and was finishing it up. It still looks good though. I made it for my brother's girlfriend for Christmas and hope he doesn't spill the beans about it to her about it. Then I would have to keep it for myself, which wouldn't be bad. Hey, can't let a good creation go to waste, right?


Monica Hansen said...

Supercool! Or is it hot...:)

KnitXcorE said...


Zeeppo said...

I hate it when limbless bear eat my water bottle