Monday, October 22, 2007

Yummy purse of cables!

My new purse!
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School might be keeping me busy, but apparently I have learnt to knit faster, muahaha! Also it is rather fun to knit in class. So my last project was a cabled purse in a raspberry colour. Very pleased with it, even though the pattern was a little difficult to follow because of poor wording. Too bad the photo is a bit fuzzy. I've been lazy and just using my webcam for photos lately.

Oh, you can see a hint of the purple in my hair too, peaking through the bottom just a tad.


Kaity said...

I love this! I made one of these a while back but I never got it all finished up with straps. Your's locks good!

Selana said...

the bag looks great... is it a free pattern?

Colleen said...

I love that bag! Where's the pattern from?

Zsanica said...

Thanks! The pattern is free, and from Drops Design, found it randomly on Ravelry one day, so I added a link in my post to it. Might as well leave one here too: Cabled purse pattern.

Turtle said...

Love it! I so need to just attack cables, a virgin here! I love the look of them, they just intimidate the heck out of me! Would this be a good beginner cable pattern?

KnitKat said...

I always used to knit in class ;) I think it made me focus more so that the professor wouldn't get pissed. It did awe the other students, too, to watch my hands do one thing, and then see me responding to questions. I loved it.

The bag is beautiful - I will definitely be looking up the pattern.

Zsanica said...

Turtle - It is a very simple cable pattern, just slipping three stitches onto another needle, moving that needle to the back of the work, knitting three from the normal needle, then knitting the three from the "other" needle.

It would be a great starting point for sure! My first cables were on Fetching, which is just as simple a cable.

Deana said...

i am desperately trying to find a long scarf with pockets (for my chapstick and keys and wallet) i had one years ago and left it at a busstation by mistake. can anyone direct me?

ps i was trying to learn how to knit as well and i found this site. cool.