Thursday, September 27, 2007

I do still knit punk things...

I do knit things that are punk sometimes... I have been on this christmas stocking thing - and I am now 5 stockings into the 11 that I would like to get done (8 super-size people stockings, two dog stockings and this one...). Not sure what this is for - right now the joke is that its my second stocking, since mr.sunneshine was pretty firm that this couldn't be my real stocking. So I made this one smaller - wrote the fair isle to make sure the skulls didn't look too cute - and whipped it up in three days (all weaving and blocking will be done in one boring continuous session). Its a little off center and wonky, but I am happy! More info on my blog - and a scale photo with the other "Stockings that Ate Christmas"!

Happy Knitting!!

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Turtle said...

Loving it! I am thinking if it were knit in green and red it would fit into the holiday theme a bit more...hmmm, may have to be a bit creative myself!