Thursday, August 23, 2007

Steph (aka Yarn Harlot)

I know it's been a while, but if you check out my fibre farm blog, "The Funky Lamb", you'll understand why. I've done a ton of shearing, washing, carding, dyeing, knitting etc. And, not just my own because I've been helping on other farms too. As soon as school starts again in 2 wks., I promise to try & get caught up.

A couple of nights ago, we decided to take a break & go see Stephanie again down in Aurora. This would be about 1hr from where our knitting group gathers. She remembered me from last time (which was kind of cool; okay, I was seriously excited) & posed for a great pic with Lydia (my Blythe doll that I took to meet her). You can read about the whole story on my knitting blog, "The Creative Castle". She then took a pic of us for her blog in return which can be seen on her site, "Yarn Harlot".
Although not enough time to blog on the list here, I certainly try to check in & see what everyone is up to. I love what you've all been doing from knitting to crochet to hair colours, lol.

Talk to you all soon ^..^

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