Friday, August 31, 2007

Hi all

Just popping in for a quick hello.
I'm punk, I rock, I'm a knitter and I'm happy to be here ;-))

But.. at this moment I'm very busy, I'll be at Archeon all weekend on a Viking re-enactment fair. No knitting for me, the vikings didn't knit, but i'll be nålebinding socks. Nålebinding is a ancestor of knitting. In english you say needlebinding.

So.. I'll be at work for a few more hours, go home, get my stuff together, hug my cats and tell them to be nice for the 2 friends that come feed them, give their med's and hug them twice a day and later this afternoon I''l be off for the weekend.

I also have a new job, from november first I will be working less hours a week, for almost the same amount of money. So more fiber-time for me ;-)) I will be popping in more often then too. So I'm here, popping in every now and than, but from november first the fun of more blogging can begin :D

Have a nice weekend!

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