Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another great by my mum

I havent finished anything in AGES worth speaking about, so here is my mum's latest effort.

She says "I was going to do a Kaffe Fassett one but I had to sort of adapt it because I had a lot of oddments which weren't really suitable for the "official" version. I haven't decided what to call this particular design - probably NERVOUS BREAKDOWN would be a good title as that's what I nearly had when darning in all the thousands of loose ends."

I think its awesome!


Leeanne said...

Wow your mum put alot of work into the jumper. Lovely work.

sunneshine said...

Go Mom!! What an amazing sweater!!

Rilana said...

beautiful sweater. It looks very time-consuming...but worth the effort.

vinny said...

woah, that looks stunning.