Saturday, June 02, 2007

Baby Pattern Links

Jaime asked for some links to baby knitting patterns. Here are some cute ones I found, online. Some are odd, some are normal and the links are endless. I just shared a few...Happy Knitting!

Apple Hat, Baby Earflap Hat, Leaf Trim Hat, Baby Squid Hat, Froggy Hat (pdf), Tomato Hat, Pumpkin Hat, Lady Bug Hat, Just Ducky Hat (pdf)

Bunny Hop Blanket, Checkerboard Baby Blanket, Wild Stripes Baby Blanket, Rib Check Baby Blanket, Heart Blankie

"Ugg" Booties, Bunny Booties, Elfy Booties, Rib Cuff Booties, Bullfrog Boogie Socks, Froggy Socks (pdf) - matches the froggy hat, above.

Baby Cardigan, Baby Yoda Sweater, Baby Cargo Pants, Unisex Onesies

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Jenger said...

how funny, we put on some of the same ones. lol