Friday, April 13, 2007

Finally able to post

I have been so busy. Of course I've made the odd (& rare of late) comment & read the entries faithfully, but time just hasn't allowed for much at the moment. I belong to 5 guilds & have been busy with them all. Time to cut back you say? Anyway, I've really enjoyed everyone's posts & pictures. Here's a few of my own to catch you all up.

The hat was modified from a pattern in The Knitter's Bible: knitted accessories book by Claire Crompton. I made it slightly larger with an inserted head band. The scarf is from Modular knits by Iris Schreier; zigzag scarf. Full details on the projects & books are on my blog (Mar.22 entry).

Picture of Samantha sporting her hat which she refuses to take off. Can be worn many different ways depending on her mood, but all make her look equally saucy. Only thing she needed in this pic was some numbers; nice mug shot Sam, lol.

Not my style, but we take turns running programming at the local Machine Knitter's Guild. Unfortunately, I'm the youngest (37) & funny enough, there aren't any 60 yr old (avg age, but we have some 80) punk rockers in the membership, lol. However, they all find me interesting & entertaining (I think they mean scarily eccentric) & seem to accept me for who I am; nice change. This was called a butterfly tuck pattern done in sports weight on the LK150 (not sure if anyone does machine knitting here).

Luv you guys :O)


Lana said...

very nice projects. LOL!

DAWN said...

Way to cute, what a great job you did!

LesleyD said...

adorable! Great job!!

GCs Great Combination said...

Nice hat and scarf!

roxtarchic said...

i havta tell you... i'm LOVING that hat! so nice looking.. great job!