Thursday, March 22, 2007


My first post, eep! I suppose a little intro would be appropriate, so hi! I'm Carolyn (aka Zsanica), a 25 year old girl from Canada. As for my knitting history, I've known how to knit for a long time, but it wasn't until December that I ended up addicted to it. Naturally, I'm also huge fan of punk/rock/and other music, and I'm kind of nerdy.

What you see in this picture here is two works in progress. A Carolyn cardigan that I kind of did something "noob-ish" with.. I didn't check the dye lot number on the teal coloured yarn.. I have to make a quick trip to the store today to buy another ball.
The other in the middle is the beginning of a pair of Fetching mitts that I'm making from the WRONG dye lot ball of wool.

Thank you for letting me join!


Lana said...

welcome to the group. Fetching gloves are fun to make. I made a pair not too long ago.

Zeeppo said...

Welcometo the group even if it mean I am no longer the only Z on the lst.


Welcome to the group! The sweater is gorgeous, even non-noobs have dye lot problems. Ask Sunne. :P lol