Sunday, March 11, 2007

A pair of socks

I have just this weekend competed in the Robertson show and the comment on my pair of acidental socks was "A PAIR of socks" some how my socks both are identical but unfortuantly are far too big for my feet due to an accident. I got carried away and forgot to stop early for the toe.

I did enter 8 items and 6 of those sucessfully placed. More detail is on my blog. But stay tuned for the chickens that are hatching in time for Easter.


Lana said...

Nice socks. Is the blue ribbon first place where you live too?

Socks are nice and homey too.

Zeeppo said...

Cool Beans. The last time a got a blue ribbon for a knitting project it was tieing up the garbage bag it had been placed in by the judges. In retrospect I don't thinks that was an award.