Monday, March 05, 2007

Busy BEE

Ok this is a poncho i made for my daughter Nikita , a pattern from PATONS and in my desperate effort to make something for her that lasted a while i made it just a wee to big. It so soft and light but really warm. Its easy to put on her when we walk to school. I am not a big fan of fun fur but i think for little details on childrens clothing its great.
The second picture is of the IRISH HIKING SCARF. I had this finished in about a week. Would of been sooner but i kept checking it after every inch. Still needs to be blocked and the ends weaved in. Gonna be a Easter gift. I can be kind of lazy with the finshing touches. TSK TSK
The third photo is off BROOKES COLUMN OF LEAVES SCARF. I started this yesterday and yes it would go quicker if i didn't stop to admire it every few inches. This is for my aunty. She loves these colours. I am thinking i might make the matching hat and mittens as well.


sunneshine said...

Wow, so much knitting! Its beautiful and all the colors look so great together! I love the column of leaves scarf - that will be stunning on!!

Lana said...

Wow, you have been very busy. LOL! All projects look great. The them. I am making the IHS scarf too. Mine sits unfinished (75% done) in my knitting basket. LOL!

Dawn said...

That is a lot of cables! whew! love the column of leaves--great pattern. Pretty purple--I love purple.


They are all so pretty! I love that Column of Leaves scarf, it's beautiful!