Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some Free Patterns

It's been pretty quiet for the last few days. I am going to just post some random free patterns I have found while surfing this week...

Sonata Shawl, Tori Vest, Argyle Cable Afghan, Lucy the Lamb, Coco Evening Bag, Harry Potter Uniform Sweater, Journal Cover, Cabled Headband, Mesh Stockings, Fern Leaf Lace Socks, Roxane Scarf, Gansey Gloves, Reid Sweater, Twiggy Hat and Scarf, Razor Cami, Gwennabe, Tarantino Vest, Eiffel Top, Sigil Sweater, Top Down Sweater with Crazy Collar, Wisteria Sweater, Licorice Whip, Bikini Top, Shimmering Gown, Jazz Coffee Cup Cozy


Stephieface said...

You also shouldn't forget that some of our very own Punk Rockin Knitters write patterns and charts too, like:
Karen M
and me
(if I overlooked anyone, its because I couldn't find patterns written by you on your blog when I went through them)

There's also severina, but I think her cat might of eaten her.

Boop said...

Great patterns yet again, Lana. I've seen the fern lace socks & the HP sweater, but it reminded me how much I want to make those. Really liked the journal cover (very artsy), the Coco evening bag & lucy the lamb. The one I found most intriguing was the wisteria sweater. What a great idea to combine a poncho & sweater; that was really cool. Thx. again.

Lana said...

Yes, if any of you do write a pattern on your blog, you can post it here, or a link to it here. I post mine whenever I write them. LOL! So, feel free...