Monday, February 19, 2007

pi r square

Since it appears to be Elizabeth Zimmerman day here on PK, here is my first EZ project completed! The body of the pi r square shawl is so easy - a lot of garter knitting with some yarn overs for shaping - easy! So I figured that the borders would be easy as well -- not so.... Lets just say that I learned alot. I need to re-block the piece, but for right now, its good enough to wear, enjoy and if you didn't know, you probably wouldn't notice. I think that is another EZ lesson right there.

On an fyi note - Halcyon sent me new yarn for the Hush Hush dress - I have started over - more details on my blog!

Have a great week!!


Lana said...

very pretty, indeed.

Boop said...

I think it's smashing, regardless of what Mr. Sunneshine thinks (I read that on your blog), lol. Anyway, I must do some lace, you have inspired me.

Mags said...

Oh my god, I totally want this!