Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Knitting day !!!!!!!!

I was granted as good wish for the day as Valentines Day is nothing to me. I got the day of work as a self proclaimed knitting day. So I stayed in and worked on these.

6 cup Tea cosy in pure Aussie wool known as Mudgee Wool. A basic patons pattern was used as it reached the top the pattern was not the best so I tweaked it to a beter way.

An alpaca baby cardigan that has taken over a year to get completed. It is for the alpaca only classes. Now I will tinker more on things and hope this weekend to knock more over to the list of done for the show.


Lana said...

Both projets are lovely. I should make a teapot cozy for some of my pots. I collet teapots. I have yet to make one...I really should.

Boop said...

Really nice work. I want to do one of the magic 8-ball cozies in S&B, but I really like this one too.