Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fingerless gloves aplenty!

After blowing the PRK fingerless gloves groove with my cowl a few days ago, I feel compelled to post my new Knucks. They were mostly knit en route to the Body Worlds exhibit in Dallas and during breaks in a ticket-dismissal defensive driving class. (I left them at home when I went to the strip club, though. It was quite a weekend.)

And for good measure, I present my completed Fetching gloves. These were actually completed a couple of weeks ago. I did a terrible job picking up the stitches for the thumbs, but the cables are tidy enough that I still feel triumphant.


Boop said...

Okay, definitely making knucks. They look great & the others as well. Nice job :O)

Lana said...

Oh, both projects are equally nice. I love the colors on both too. I am easy to please...bright is me. The lime green color is fabulous.

Gosh, I need to hurry and finish my current knits so that I can make some armwarmers. I am feeling left out here. LOL!

Kaity said...

Very cute! I love the color of the Fetchings.

I loved Body Worlds, too. I'm so glad I got to see it while it was here.

pinsandneedles said...

The both look lovely! I have to make myself some knucks now. I've put it off too long.