Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2 Skirts

I have spent my afternoon sewing with my machine. I am not really that great with sewing yet. I made these two simple skirts for my youngest daughter. The pink skirt was a practice one, made with a pillow case I bought last summer from a thrift shop. It screamed...10-year old girl. LOL! The blue skirt is made from scratch with some floral fabric that a friend of mine sent to me. It's made for my daughter's Winter Musical, this coming Thursday. The theme is colonial times. I am hoping to figure out some white fabric and make my daughter a simple waist apron, tomorrow. Who knows? I am just proud to have survived these two skirts without failing miserably.

Personally, I adore the pink skirt myself. I may have time to make a skirt for myself soon. Hmmm...? I am certainly inspired. Ok, back to my knitting now.

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