Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Apparently I'm on the fingerless gloves train

I'm with everyone else who's knitting up fingerless gloves. I started these last month and did them on my spare time. I made them for a guy friend and after knitting them up, I should've made them slightly bigger. I know they'll stretch, but at least they'll look nice on him. I modeled them after a pair of pink ones I made for myself. To me, they look kinda preppy with the pretty stripes and cables. That's just my opinion. I know that I could've done them in a day or two, but I took my sweet time.

Happy knitting everyone!


Boop said...

I guess they do look a little preppy, but that's okay. It's a really nice pattern with the cables & such. Nice job. I'm sure your friend with love them.

Lana said...

very cute.