Thursday, December 28, 2006

Which one should I choose?

I recently decided to buy a needle set, but don't want to buy the Boye set that I saw in a store. So I go online and check out what's out there and reading a couple reviews. I'm stuck on deciding whether I should get the Denise Interchangable needle set or the Knit Picks needle set. I had a LYS owner suggest me Knit Picks (which is pricier), but I've been eyeing the Denise set before she told me that. Plus, the Denise comes with more cable cords. I don't know how they are with performance or how the cords are with each set. A little advice is appreciated.


Lana said...

I was recently given the Denise Interchange-ables set. I began using them a few days ago. I have to say that I love my denise needles. They are light weight and lock together well. I enjoy usingthem, especially the smallest size cord. (which makes 16" circulars for hats and such)I can't compare...with the knitpicks version, since I have never tried them. I do love my denise set though.

Lana said...

I was looking at the two sets, just now and another thing to think about...The Knit Picks set doesn't have short cables in it. You will probably have to buy them as an extra piece. The Denise set has shorter connecter cords. You can make circulars to make hats and I am using the short cable, myself right now to make sleeves.

Ok, that was one thought I had about the shorter cords.

Stephieface said...

On the other hand, the Knit Picks needles has a sharper point and a smoother join. And while the initial first set comes with 24 and 32 inch cables, you can always get extras ordered along with it for $3.99 a pop. I also like the cable better on the KP ones, I didn't feel quite like I was wrestling a snake.

Oh, and they're purple, which is sweet.

I was trying to find the blog where the writer posted a few months ago that sheaccidently received the wrong sized needles from KnitPicks, and as they were sending her a free replacement she conducted experiements on the now free ones. Like she sliced the cable in half aand took a pic of it all scientificish, and did a side by side comparison with her Denise set. So far I can't find it, but I'll keep looking.

Stephieface said...

Ha! The tenaciousness of my determination knows no bounds! I did find the blog I refrenced, though its a comparison between Addi Turbos and Knit Picks... but hey, not bad considering I read it 5 months ago.
(except all one line... I didn't want it to cut off the addy)

At the very least you get to see her putting the KnitPicks thru its paces with some closeups of knitter requirements that you don't see on the KP website.

sunneshine said...

While I haven't used the knit picks, I had the Denise and the Boye -- I am a little cynical after that -- I hated both - the interchangables never are as smooth (read as fast to knit with - I felt like I spent more time moving the fabric of my knitting then knitting) as the single size needles and with both on large projects I had difficulty with the needles unscrewing themselves from the cord - not the biggest deal, but a waste of 20 minutes while you are putting it back together and picking up stitches. I was able to sell my Denise, thankfully, and kept the Boye which are relegated to a spot under the bed for swatching purposes only!! Sorry to be the buzz kill!!

Boop said...

I am extremely interested in this conversation as I myself haven't decided yet either. The only info. I have is what Steph (aka "The Yarn Harlot") said. She has the Knit Picks ones. She says that the joins are great, they flex, but don't tangle & is in love with how sharp they are & therefore how fast you can knit with them. I've had them on my wishlist for some time, but just haven't gotten around to doing anything about it. I myself value her opinion, but you have to decide for yourself. Good luck.

Stephieface said...

One downside of the KnitPicks needles is that to change needles and remove the cable... etc etc... it requires the use of a small key like tool. So while it won't unscrew during knitting and whatnot, you need that little tool to change up stuff. I just keep it in my notions box with my tapestry needles, stitch markers, scissors, and crochet hook.
Luckily, everytime you order extra cable sets you get another key with them, which is good to know.

Carissa said...

I think it may just depend on what you want to use them for. I haven't tried either, but I did notice that:

1) Denise is plastic and KP is metal


2) Denise has more cord variety than KP

Personally, I prefer metal or bamboo needles over plastic any day which makes me lean towards the KP set despite the lack of variety in cable length because you could always buy other cords to go with it.

On the other hand, if you do more knitting w/ shorter rounds or do more airplane knitting, you may want to go with Denise's set.

All that to say.....I think it depends mostly on your personally knitting habits and preferences

metal and knit said...

I have seen the denise needles and seen them break in use as well as come undone in knitting. I personally do not use any circs as I had a major incident with one once. All us aussie are getting ready to sway over to kp options as they glide better and are of a better variety to use.

pinsandneedles said...

Thanks, everyone, for all your advice! From what everyone says, I think I may go with the knit picks and just buy extra cords. It disappoints me that KP doesn't come with circulars more cords, but that's just how it goes. Thanks again!